Ape Kong

Ape Kong


10% Tax

2% Liquidity

2% of all transactions are contributed to the liquidity pool. Providing a rising price floor and value stabilization. All holders are capable of adding to the liquidity pool and earning passive income through matching BnB with Ape Kong on PancakeSwap.

3% Reward

Automatically distributed dividends in the form of BUSD. Each holder is rewarded in BUSD. Amount is dependent upon volume and amount holder is holding. The more you hold the more you are rewarded.

3% Marketing

At the right time. We will begin with a a major attention grab. All contributions will go to the most beneficial promotions available.

2% Devel.

A portion of all transactions are contributed to development. At Ape Kong we are seeking to first create a thriving community then once we have acquired true core members we will begin providing amazing utilities for all to enjoy and benefit from.

Phase 1

Stealth Launch
Lock Liquidity 3 Years
Community Development
Socials Profiles Established
Ape Kong 2022

Phase 2

Website V2

Whitepaper V2


Marketing Push

Ape Kong 2022

Phase 3

Marketing Partnerships
Viral Video Promotions
Ape Kong NFT Release
Ape Kong Swap/Stake
Ape Kong 2022

Phase 4

NFT Marketplace
NFT Staking
Play to Earn Games
CEX/DEX Listings
King of the BSC Jungle